Tahoe Rim Trail

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September 6, 2014 – Back from the TRT
“…Mule’s ears and wildflowers bloomed in the open hills above the great Tahoe Lake, and I could see civilization, with its buildings and boats and cars and the promise of cold beer nestled against the shoreline. And smoking cigarettes at my camp at night, sitting on my sleeping pad and leaning against a convenient downed tree, I would rest my aching, dirty feet and be filled with the satisfaction of life lived in the fullness of the outdoors, and the unending promise of adventure…”

August 8, 2014 – Leaving for the TRT
“…I’ll yell at the bears, shoo away the marmots, and whistle at the birds. I’ll walk and walk and walk and stop for a granola bar and walk some more. And at night, I’ll pitch my tent under the stars and the mountains and I will talk in long silent conversations. I’ll have the joy of outside and the beauty of the wide-open spaces to keep me company and the small heat of my camp stove to keep me warm…”


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