Mt. Whitney

Outside Ed’s Guide to Mt. Whitney

The Mt. Whitney Permit Lottery
A quick rundown of the permitting process for Mt. Whitney.

Training for Whitney
My simple Five Step Guide to Training. Plus the most common reasons people fail to summit.

The Whitney Portal Route
A comprehensive guide to the main route up Mt. Whitney.

*COMING SOON* Alternative Routes
Couldn’t get a permit for the Portal Route? You can still summit! Alternative routes here.

Blog Posts on Mt. Whitney

March 10, 2015 – Carrying Yeats
“…It’s feeling strong and tall and so high up, so far beyond the fourteen and a half thousand feet of the summit, far up in the thin atmosphere and being so damned alive at the moment, running over loose rocks and knowing you’ll never trip, never fall, never die. And it’s zooming back to your campsite where you fall asleep again, reading Yeats in your fading headlamp light, and holding only your dreams...”


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