A lucky joy…



I’m tired and sore and stiff after a fourteen hour day at work. And I’m pretty sure I’m coming down with a cold or flu.

But despite that, I am incredibly lucky to be doing a job that fills me with joy and allows me to share my love of being outside with others.

I’ll never be a world-class mountaineer or a pro climber. I’ll never be on the cover of Alpinist or be featured in a Warren Miller film. But today, I get to teach a dozen or so aspiring mountaineers how to put on crampons and self-arrest with an ice axe. I know it’s not Annapurna or the Eiger or even the Sierra. It’s just Mt. Baldy. But for a few short and sweet hours under the Southern California skies, I get to be a mountain guide. And if that’s all I get, well, it’s still pretty damned good.


2 thoughts on “A lucky joy…

  1. I was supposed to take your Baldy class a couple weeks ago, but I missed it! Funny finding your blog, though! Maybe I’ll see you in the mountains sometime.

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