I Love Climbers!

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I didn’t know the visitors chart went to the thousands place, let alone the TEN THOUSANDS place.

Over this last weekend, my article I Hate Climbers… went viral (ish)!

I usually average 3-4 visitors to my site per day. I had 13,000+ on Monday alone. Over the last few days, I’ve had over 40,000 visitors.

I’m completely blown away by the response and traffic this piece that I wrote a year ago has received. Thanks everyone!

For the record:
Yes, I love climbing! Yes, I love climbers.

Well, mostly.

I catch myself sometimes saying exactly the types of things I complain about in my article. And I laugh at my hypocritical ass. Because as much as I deny it, I’m a climber too.

For all the climbers out there reading this, I want to send you on a mission:


He owns the damn gym I climb at (Sender One in Orange County, CA). It can’t be that hard to have him look it over. My life would be complete if he commented here.

Anyways, thanks for everything and I’ll have some more stories and updates coming soon!

-Outside Ed


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