Sharing the Love!

Wilderness Survival! Cover yourself in leaves!

Wilderness Survival! Cover yourself in leaves!

I like to say that there is only one thing better than DOING something you love, and that is SHARING that love.

I teach a wilderness survival class on some weekends. We focus on basic skills like shelter building and fire starting. But the biggest component I try to teach is the mental aspect of survival. Constantly evaluating your situation and avoiding problems before they become serious are the key to safety in the backcountry.

I recently got this email from one of my participants. It’s really rewarding to see that what I do has real and very positive impacts on people’s lives.


Thank you for a great class! And please do share my email with the other attendees.

This past Saturday, I went on my first solo night hike. I hiked Mt. Lukens from the south side starting at 1pm. Then I descended the north side and turned around, at dusk, and hiked back up.

Your teaching and STOP methodology served me well. When I realized how tired I was getting, and before I got into any trouble, I made a decision about what I would do when I got the summit the second time.

Because I was tired and I knew the south side trail was gravely and narrow in places, I decided to take the fire road down. I didn’t feel sure footed enough to descend as I’d come up.

Again, thanks to you and the survival class, I had all my emergency gear and I knew that if I got too tired I could hunker down and survive the night on the mountain.

Fortunately, I made it down safely and had a friend get me and drive me back to my car.

All told, it was a 9.5 hour, 26-mile hike.

While there were challenging moments, I never felt scared or even worried, because I knew what to do to take care of myself. I owe that to you and your fine teaching.

Thank you!

All the best,


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