Zombie Weekend!

Zombies! Zombies everywhere!

Spent the weekend teaching a bunch of Girl/Boy Scouts wilderness survival skills at a Zombie-themed survival fair.

Let me repeat that: ZOMBIE. SURVIVAL. FAIR.

Yes, it’s as awesome as it sounds.

The last couple years, the Scouts have run a series of disaster preparedness seminars in the guise of fun, zombie-filled events. How would you fare in the Zombie Apocalypse? Are you prepared? I think if you’re ready for the Zomb-pocalypse, then you are probably pretty prepared for an ordinary earthquake or wildfire.

It’s actually pretty informative. The Red Cross shows up with a bunch of CPR dummies and does First Aid/CPR classes. Independent vendors set up other booths. I saw a solar panel vendor, a duct tape lady, a primitive skills expert (rub two sticks together until you make fire), and a bunch of guys selling foam swords.

The foam weapons vendor was the most entertaining display to walk by. They had set up a small “demonstration” area for kids to “try out” their weapons. By “demonstration,” we mean dozens of 5-10 year old kids running around and bashing each other as hard as possible while screaming war cries.

As much as the responsible adult in me thought that area was a terrible idea, the child in me wanted to jump in and start whaling away on the nearest kid.

I think I’d win pretty handily.

Or not, some of those kids were pretty vicious.

As for me, I had a basic survival skills booth set up. Vicki, the organizer of the event, wanted me to teach water purification and storage, so I brought a bunch of filters and purifiers for the kids to play with.

With kids, I definitely believe in hands-on and sensory methods of teaching. We pumped dirty water through filters, smelled/tasted iodine treated water, and looked at UV purifiers. They got to flash signal mirrors, try some fire starters, and build some quick lean-to shelters. It’s all pretty basic outdoors skills, and I really hope some of it stuck with them.

As for me, six hours of trying to keep up with excited kids was totally draining. Coming back from the event, I downed a quick dinner and crashed into bed. It’s amazing how much energy they had, and how much energy it takes to be engaging and informative in a fun way. I don’t know how elementary and middle-school teachers do it. I certainly don’t think I could do this day-in and day-out.

But, I do see how rewarding teaching is. Especially when it is something that you are personally excited about. I like to say that there’s only one thing better than doing what you love, and that’s sharing what you love.

Not a bad weekend.


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